Consulting Services

The Olympic Partners team also provides a variety of consulting services to its clients. These services include investment valuation, portfolio valuation and investment analyses.

As an example, the Olympic Partners team was retained by one of its clients who desired to settle litigation between the two co-owners which had been ongoing for several years. Even though the two litigating parties had undertaken several appraisals in an effort to settle the lawsuit, they could not agree upon the value of the property.

Steve Mimnaugh was retained to determine the investment value (not an appraisal value) of the property from the perspective of a bona fide investor. After Steve Mimnaugh presented his findings, the case was settled within a matter of months.

Property Photo Property & Address Product Type RSF Building Class Comments
910 15th Street, Denver, Colorado Tele-Com Data Center 143,135 s.f. B Host data hotel for tele-com companies